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Honda Environmental Vision

HONDA – Realizing “the Joy and Freedom of Mobility” and “a Sustainable Society where People Can Enjoy Life”

In 2010, Honda announced within and beyond its organization that the company’s direction in the period leading to the year 2020 would be “to provide good products to our customers with speed, affordability and low CO2 emissions.”
By “good products” we mean to embody customers’ wants and needs in attractive products using Honda’s unique technologies, knowledge and ingenuity. Such good products must be delivered with speed without making our customers wait, and at affordable prices that make our customers happy with their purchase. This is the direction Honda will take.

“With low CO2 emissions” represents our conviction based on the strong sense of crisis that, as a manufacturer of personal mobility, Honda will have no future unless we achieve a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

This focus is encapsulated in the Honda Environmental Vision of a future in which environmental initiatives will allow people to realize “the joy and freedom of mobility” and “a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.” In this vision, Honda has expressed its strong determination to contribute to a society based on sustainability and harmony so that it can continue to offer excitement to its customers through products and services used for personal mobility and in people’s everyday lives.
Honda is determined to turn this vision into reality by actively implementing environmental initiatives on a global level. Particular emphasis will be placed on the following aspects:

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