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Product Safety Recall Information

Both Honda and Nassau Motor Company put high priority on the safety and quality of our products.

Toward this end there is now a website site that provides current recall information about your Honda or Acura vehicle. This site provides recall information announced in the past 15 years; older recalls may not be included.

You will not only find out if your Honda or Acura has an airbag inflator recall, but if there is anything else Honda might have a campaign on relating to your vehicle.

And the best thing is, you can check it yourself by putting your VIN in the system. Visit the website here to input your VIN…

Not all VIN’s from around the world are recognised so if you can’t find any information for your vehicle relating to the airbag inflator recall, please give us a call at (242) 302-0130 extension 2227 for assistance.

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