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Do Consumers Really Want Electric Cars?

Or Even Hybrids? Will They Ever?

By Lacey Plache, Chief Economist,

“Sales of hybrids and electric-drive vehicles plummeted in January, following a “strong” finish to 2011. Electric-drive vehicles, including electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), lost 30 percent of their (admittedly small) market share, while the market share for hybrids fell 7 percent, even as Toyota Prius supply continued to recover. Amidst these lackluster sales results, a growing chorus of voices is predicting a glowing future for these advanced-drive vehicles, with market shares at 20 percent or higher by the end of the decade. For a segment that has struggled unsuccessfully to achieve even a 3 percent market share over the past decade, and that would barely reach 7 percent by 2017 on the current growth path, these forecasts seem to be wishful thinking at best.”

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