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Where Are Oil Prices Headed?

Jeremy Anwyl, asked that question in this interesting piece for recently.

As prices have dropped since Spring, there has been a shift back toward larger vehicles.

This is proof enough to us that consumers buy based on what they are most comfortable with as long as all the stars align. In other words, if they can afford it they buy the larger vehicles, even if they consume more fuel.

What is even more interesting is people are betting that the price of gas will go even lower as new production comes on stream.

Will this thwart “green technology”? We don’t think so as there are other benefits to fuel cell (Hydrogen) vehicles etc.

For now we have to wait and see where the market goes as we don’t have a crystal ball, but the discussion is always interesting.

Read the entire article hereā€¦

He also refers his readers to a New York Times article, New Technologies Redraw the World’s Energy Picture here…

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