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Steve Jobs’ Vision Spread To Cars, Auto Industry

Steve Jobs was no doubt a visionary and he and his company have impacted millions of people, making our lives more enjoyable and efficient.

Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs.

In the story below, he even had an impact on the automobile industry.

By Michelle Krebs, Edmunds AutoObserver, October 6, 2011

“Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died Wednesday, leaves an imprint on many aspects of our lives, and today’s cars are no exception. As’s technology editor Doug Newcomb points out, no external devices (nor any single company) has had as much impact on car infotainment as Apple’s iPod and iPhone. I would add to that list the iPad, with the potential of its impact on the car and the auto industry nowhere close to being fully explored and realized.

“As Newcomb explains, the iPod made CDs obsolete when it debuted a decade ago, and it soon became the default device for carrying music into the car. Then followed the iPhone. Loaded with GPS, Google Maps and other destination information, the iPhone causes consumers to pause about the need to buy a pricey in-car navigation system. Yet, it is given that today’s cars come equipped with plugs for the devices.  Now comes the relatively new iPad and we have yet to see completely how it will change the game but it certainly is the subject of experimentation, from automotive marketing to car design.”

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