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Helpful Hints: Factory Campaigns & Recalls

A couple definitions are in order:

A Recall is issued by the manufacturer when a specific condition or defect exists that could affect the safety or safe operation of your vehicle.

A Campaign is a way to update vehicles involving product corrections, built during a specified period of time, that may have defects in workmanship or materials that do not have safety implications.

When a vehicle is subject to a Campaign or Recall the manufacturer sends us a letter listing the vehicles we sold that are affected.

Upon receipt of this list we send letters to our clients with the details from our suppliers as outlined our agreement with them.

If a client does not respond after the second letter we send a final notice by Registered Mail.

Even with all that, if you are driving a vehicle that was purchased from Nassau Motor Co. Ltd that you think might be impacted by a Campaign or Recall, please give your sales consultant or our service department a call (242-302-0130) and we will get the details from the manufacturers we represent to confirm whether or not your vehicle needs attention.

Happy motoring!

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