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NMC News

Safety or fuel economy? An interesting question

Jeremy Anwyl at Edmunds AutoObserver says:

“In a previous column, I raised the question of how consumers will react to a new generation of Corporate Average Fuel Economy-mandated high-tech, higher-mileage, smaller and less safe vehicles. This has stirred up some debate and is a question I will explore in more depth in future columns. For now, I will talk more fully about the issue of safety. Safety ties to the issue of CAFE, as it is believed that one of the ways that car companies will respond to higher fuel-economy standards is to reduce the weight of vehicles offered. Lower weight equates directly to higher mileage. The ways to accomplish a weight loss are to offer smaller vehicles or to build vehicles using lighter-weight materials (high tensile steel, aluminum and particularly carbon composites) – or to build vehicles employing a combination of smaller size and lighter materials. These materials offer real fuel savings, but they also raise a vehicle’s cost”

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Chevrolet Cruze in British Touring Car Championship

“It’s not often that the series crosses these pages, but there’s no getting around the fact that UK racing fans have enjoyed an unprecedented level of competition in the British Touring Car Championship this year. No season in BTCC history has had a bigger or more varied field of entries, the lead in the standings has changed hands a head-spinning eleven times this season, and with one last stop on the calendar at England’s storied Silverstone circuit, it’s down to a whopping five-car showdown for the title.

“Still in contention for the championship this late in the season are Jason Plato (the Fifth Gear host who drives the Chevrolet Cruze touring car), Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden (both in Honda Civics), Mat Jackson (Ford Focus) and James Nash (Vauxhall Vectra). Although Neal, Plato and Shedden are very much in the lead (with 225, 220 and 220 points, respectively), Jackson and Nash (189 and 181) are both still in the running as domination at Silverstone could still catapult either to the crown.”

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Honda UK Accord Commercial

You might have seen this before, but it is worth watching again…at least in our opinion.

iPad Sweepstakes Ends

Thanks to the many, many people who entered our IPad 2 Giveaway. We will be notifying the winner by email. Please check back often to be informed of future specials and contests.

Send us your photo with your favourite car

Send us your photo with your favourite vehicle that was purchased from NMC and we’ll post the best one (chosen by our associates) received each week to our Facebook Page during the month of October.

Make sure it’s a car we have sold please and note that the photograph will become the property of Nassau Motor.

Helpful Hints: Factory Campaigns & Recalls

A couple definitions are in order:

A Recall is issued by the manufacturer when a specific condition or defect exists that could affect the safety or safe operation of your vehicle.

A Campaign is a way to update vehicles involving product corrections, built during a specified period of time, that may have defects in workmanship or materials that do not have safety implications.

When a vehicle is subject to a Campaign or Recall the manufacturer sends us a letter listing the vehicles we sold that are affected.

Upon receipt of this list we send letters to our clients with the details from our suppliers as outlined our agreement with them.

If a client does not respond after the second letter we send a final notice by Registered Mail.

Even with all that, if you are driving a vehicle that was purchased from Nassau Motor Co. Ltd that you think might be impacted by a Campaign or Recall, please give your sales consultant or our service department a call (242-302-0130) and we will get the details from the manufacturers we represent to confirm whether or not your vehicle needs attention.

Happy motoring!

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