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NMC News

Birds target red cars for droppings?

This is too funny not to share. We did not make this up.







“A study recorded the frequency that birds left their mark on cars in five cities around the UK, and found crimson motors were targeted the most.”

“Halfords car cleaning expert David Howells said: “This research does have a serious side because the problem annoys drivers, causes damaged paintwork and affects the value of vehicles. To protect your body work from damage, droppings should be carefully cleaned off as soon.”

For more information go here… and here…

A brief word of advise. If you see a bird dive bombing your car (to be polite), clean it off as quickly as possible to avoid paint damage.

Chevrolet 30 Day Countdown Sale

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Is your vehicle’s paint surface smooth?

Regular cleaning and polishing your cars paint surface is crucial to protecting the shine and resale value.

“Keeping your car clean will significantly help preserve its overall value, according to the Car Care Council.”

Here at Nassau Motor, and other local car companies, we’ve been finding increasing incidents of what is referred to as “Industrial Fallout” on paint surfaces.

The photo below from shows what the longer effects of industrial fallout can do to your paint. Initially you might notice the surface does not feel smooth, or even see small black spots, but eventually this is the damage that is done, forcing an entire paint job.

If you catch it soon enough there is a clay product available on the market that will remove the spots. It will then be up to you to keep the surface cleaned and polished. A good yard stick told to us by a local body shop is once you do not see water beads running off your vehicle when it rains, that’s a good indication you should polish it. Also, we don’t recommend using dish washing liquid to wash your car. Use products manufactured for cleaning and polishing or other damage might result.

Download the report entitled “Paint damage, paint defects and environmental effects” (pdf) here… Go to page 71 for an enlarged version of the photo above.

We recommend reading your owners manual to see how the manufacturer suggests you keep your vehicle paint surface in good condition, but here’s what the Car Care Council goes on to say:

“Simply cleaning your vehicle not only fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment, but it also protects your valuable vehicle investment,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “It’s a task that takes very little money or effort, but has huge returns.”

“Polishing your vehicle once every six months and washing it once a week prevents the buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt that may harm the vehicle’s finish. In addition to regular care, it is important to look for any dents, dings, scratches or cracked glass. These problems, when left unattended, can lead to more expensive repairs down the line. Frequent washing and polishing is also the best way to protect your car’s finish from the damaging effects of harsh ultraviolet rays and acid rain.

“It is imperative to clean your car only with products sold specifically for cars which are specially formulated to ensure that the treatments your vehicle’s manufacturer included on the paint finish remain intact. Using harsh detergents, like dish soap, that are not intended for use of vehicle exteriors can damage those protective layers leaving your vehicle even more vulnerable to the elements than before you washed it.

Read their release here…

Get more good advice here…

Keep the resale value of your vehicle as high as possible with proper care and maintenance.

Chevrolet to be Official Automotive Partner of Manchester United

DETROIT – Chevrolet is entering into a five-year partnership agreement with Barclays Premier League giant Manchester United to become the club’s Official Automotive Partner.

“Manchester United has some of the most passionate supporters of any sporting club in the world,” said General Motors Global Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick. “The Chevrolet family is proud to partner with Manchester United and is fully committed to putting these fans at the center of everything we do.”

Read the entire release here…

2012 Civic giveaway contestants awarded prizes

Participants in the recent Win A 2012 Civic Facebook Contest from The Bahamas were awarded prizes for their participation.

Greg Armbrister, the overall point winner from The Bahamas won a “Presidents Award” Honda watch by Tourneau.

Other winners were:
Justina Miller won a 42″ Vizio Flat Screen
Karen Darville won an HP All-In-One PC, and
Sherwin Johnson won an iPad.

The TV, PC and iPad were all purchased through Custom Computers.

Congratulations to one and all and a big thanks form Nassau Motor for your participation.

The picture below shows (from left: Sherwin Johnson, Greg Armbrister and Karen Darville with their prizes. Not shown is Justina Miller.

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